2018-2019 ODFW Local 109 Bargaining Team

  • 4 members will be elected March 2018

Bargaining Basics

What: Bargaining with the state over our next contract (which runs from July 2015 – June 2019 for non economic and 2015-17, 2017-19 for wages and healthcare contribution)

What we bargain:

  • Wages (Salary increases, differential pay, overtime) – Cost of living increases is bargained every two years
  • Work schedules – bargained every four years
  • Safety and Health issues – bargained every four years
  • Union Rights & Management Rights

What we don’t bargain:

  • Medical benefits, HEM (negotiated by PEBB Board)
  • PERS (negotiated by PERS Board; affected by Legislators)

When & Where: Actual bargaining begins ~January 2017.  Prior to that, members fill out the Bargaining Surveys or attend a conference (for the two year Economic only bargaining) ~January 2017 to let the union know what’s important to them.  Bargaining usually takes place in Salem.

Who: Elected bargaining delegates throughout the state.  Bargaining coalitions

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