Corps of Engineers email sent to ODFW Employees 3/27/17

This email was sent by ODFW HR to all employee on 3/27/17

To All ODFW Employees (sent bcc):

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has operated seven mitigation hatcheries in the Columbia, Willamette and Rogue Basins under a Cooperative Agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) for 65 years, with the first hatchery coming on-line in 1951.  The seven mitigation hatcheries are Marion Forks Hatchery, Willamette Hatchery, Leaburg Hatchery, South Santiam Hatchery, Cole Rivers Hatchery, Bonneville Hatchery, and McKenzie Hatchery.  These seven hatcheries were implemented to mitigate for the lost production and/or habitat associated with the construction of federal dams in these basins.  The current Agreement is due to expire on June 30, 2017.

The Corps advised ODFW that they would no longer be implementing these mitigation hatcheries under a Cooperative Agreement with ODFW and instead would put all or some of the program elements out for competitive bid.  Program elements include operation and maintenance of the hatcheries, fish health services, fish marking and tag recovery, monitoring and evaluation and fish transport.

In the last couple of months, ODFW has responded to the following market surveys from the Corps regarding qualifications and availability to bid. Solicitations to bid have not been issued at this point.

  • Willamette Valley Trout Production
  • Fish Marking and Tagging
  • Fish Health
  • Cole Rivers and Bonneville Fish Production
  • Fish Monitoring associated with Hatchery Programs
  • Willamette Monitoring and Evaluation services

The Corps has issued an intent to sole source (not require a competitive bid) the following hatcheries:

  • Bonneville Hatchery
  • Cole Rivers Hatchery
  • Marion Forks Hatchery
  • McKenzie Hatchery
  • South Santiam Hatchery
  • Willamette Hatchery

The Corps notified ODFW that they will no longer allow the use of Leaburg Hatchery for trout production. ODFW will bid on the trout production using facilities other than Leaburg.  We are working with the Corps on next steps for Leaburg Hatchery.  Leaburg Hatchery is a hatchery wholly owned by the Corps.

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