Public Employee Rights

Public Employee Rights

Union Members have the right to:

  • Write letters to the editor
  • Speak out at town halls
  • Contact elected public officials
  • Volunteer for political campaigns
  • Post Union flyers in personal work areas
  • Talk to the press about issues that concern you
  • Distribute flyers before & after work and during breaks (without disruption if others are working)

During our lunch hours and breaks

  • You can volunteer to do political activity during lunch hours and breaks away from work areas
  • Wear political buttons anytime (unless you have been given notice against wearing buttons in public contact jobs)

What we cannot do during work hours and breaks

  • Promote or oppose any candidate, measure, initiative, referendum, or petition

Equal access to public buildings

  • If the governing body allows one political group to use public facilities, all groups should have the same opportunity.

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