Why Join ODFW Local 109

  • You get paid time off (sick, vacation, personal business).
  • You have a uniform clothing allowance.
  • You can choose between comp time and overtime pay (cash).
  • You have contractual avenues to address working-out-of-classification, reclassification, new or revised classification, and differentials.
  • You have legal representation fighting to rollback anti-PERS legislation.
  • You have standard rental agreements for hatchery workers who live on ODFW property.  Employees have standardized tenant rights when dealing with their landlord (management).
  • You have a legal contract agreement that is negotiated between democratically elected employees and management.
  • You have representation in a Labor-Management Cooperation Committee where we select a team of workers who will address workplace issues that concern you.
  • You have a meaningful grievance procedure (a grievance is a violation of contract) with representation by a trained steward.

As a member, you have the right to vote on bargaining issues, and countless opportunities to actively participate in improving your future!

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