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ODFW Sub-Local 109 is a sub local union of SEIU 503 which is an organization of more than 72,000 people who, by joining together, are achieving what we cannot accomplish alone. By standing together, we have a voice in our contracts and our daily work lives.

Some background to ODFW Local 109-In 2003 SEIU 503 started organizing ODFW to join the union because of the atmosphere Management created (Code of Conduct was developed, Budgets being cut without discussion, and talk of ODFW employees paying for a portion of healthcare). Late 2003 ODFW employees voted to join SEIU 503. January, 22, 2004 ODFW sub-Local 109 signed their first contract and was added to the ODOT Coalition part of the SEIU/DAS Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This union is member run. Members elect leadership every two years. Members elect bargaining delegates, who bargain the contract every two years with management. Members fill out surveys to let bargaining and leaders know what issues to bring forward to management.

Additional Information About Your Union

You Are The Union

You are the union: become informed; become involved!

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ODFW Local 109 Leadership Job Descriptions

Active participation as an officer provides many opportunities for personal and leadership development.

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Org Chart

How ODFW Sub-local 109 fits in the SEIU organization.

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Local 109 Bylaws

Learn about your union's by-laws. Includes how often membership meetings are held and officer/leadership roles.

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