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2023-25 Contract Tentative Agreement Reached

July 6, 2023

Bargaining Team has reached a Tentative Agreement!

We’re excited to announce that after dozens of hours of marathon bargaining– our Central Table Bargaining Team has reached a Tentative Agreement!

This victory was hard won by the bargaining team and all of us who took action during this campaign by purpling up, coming to rallies and informational pickets, sending emails to decision-makers, and signing strike pledges. Our union actions made a difference in the bargaining team’s efforts to come to agreement on a settlement that includes the best COLAs our union has seen in decades, as well as a one-time payment of $1,500 (paid in September so workers can start to see relief from inflation as soon as possible). This agreement also maintains our steps and health insurance, improves workers’ ability to use our contract to address workplace discrimination, strengthen our union, and much more.

While we didn’t agree to management’s proposal to transition to biweekly pay, we did agree to form a committee of union members and management that will look at the potential impact of biweekly pay on workers and on our union contract.

Be sure to share the good news with your co-workers; if they’re not union members, encourage them to join!

These wins happen because of member participation. When we work together, everything is possible! Here is an overview of the Tentative Agreement:

NEW Contract Highlights

Economic Justice

Safe & Equitable Workplaces

Sustainable Workloads

A Strong Union

And, much more!

What’s the next step? The agreement is tentative until members vote to ratify the contract. We will have updates in the coming week about the ratification timeframe and process. The contract will not go into effect until members vote to ratify. Please note, only members of the Union are allowed to vote. If you are not a member, you should join the union and then you can participate.