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2024 General Council Resolution Proposal

April 30, 2024

This is a proposal for 2024 General Council about Field Organizer Staffing and Workload Analysis. Authored by Steve Emerson.

Subject: Field Organizer Staffing and Workload Analysis
Authored by: Steve Emerson
Submitted by:

Whereas, our workforce is spread out geographically among many worksites, including homes, many without member leaders;

Whereas, many member leaders in our union hold multiple positions which all require volunteer time, come with additional responsibilities, and spread us thin;

Whereas, many current field organizers have over 75 worksites and/or represent thousands of workers outside of traditional worksites in their turf;

Whereas, the presence of more union field organizers can strengthen the labor movement, empower workers to voice their concerns, and promote solidarity among employees;

Whereas, urgent matters and shifting priorities often take precedence over building and maintaining organizing networks, strategic planning, and the advancement of equity, which severely impacts workload as well as our organizational goals as a Union both short and long-term;

Whereas, increasing the number of union field organizers can lead to improved working conditions, fairer wages, and greater job security for workers across the state;

Whereas, increasing the number of union field organizers can improve organizing, equity, and anti-racism work in homes, care centers, offices, and the field;

Whereas, increasing the number of union field organizers would allow us to move more worksite actions and build towards a perpetually strike-ready union,

Therefore, be it resolved that this governing body supports a workload analysis of all field organizer positions, including meaningful input from all field organizers, and implementing improvements based on the analysis, including but not limited to additional FTEs, organizing and equity training, strategic planning, and systems restructuring to advance the interests and well-being of our members.

Be it further resolved that this analysis shall be shared in its entirety as a report, which shall be presented to the Board of Directors before implementation of changes, with Leadership of the SEIU 503 staff union, PERU, in attendance to provide their perspectives to the Board, ensuring transparency and opportunity for the Board to fully understand the situation so they might confidently make any final decisions on matters within their purview, such as directing the organization to increase FTEs.