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March 2024 Updates/News

March 8, 2024

Below will highlight some contract language, brief updates and any other need to know union news.  Please reach out to us if you would like more details about anything below.

Note from President Michelle Jones

Thank you everyone for trusting me as the face of your union over the last two terms. I’ve appreciated your trust as we navigated covid policies together, as well as being your voice over the last two contract negotiations.  As I step down, please remember to vote for your next union president, as well as our other elected positions. Look for your ballot in your personal email and remember to vote. If you didn’t receive your ballot, please reach out to any of our current union leadership so we can check your membership status and connect you with people who can help.  Candidate statements can be found here.

Things you might want to know about

Worksite Meetings

Fishing for Facts: A union steward is? (a) Secretary of State under President Abraham Lincoln. (b) Your front-line union representative, a volunteer who is responsible for giving guidance on workplace rights, filing grievances, representation, and other organizational tasks. (c) A flight attendant on an airline whose employees are union represented. (d) Your supervisor.

Our union is member-lead, member-run, and member-worked. This means that you are the union. Our union leaders are members, they follow the direction they get from member input (that’s you), and most of the work accomplished by our union is performed by members.

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